• Why you should (also) treat your employees like children

    Discover how your organisation can benefit from this and other insights from the fields of positive psychology and behavioural science. We engage your employees with weekly experiments that make team development fun and scientifically sound.

How does it work?

Positive Experiments videos

Positive Experiments videos

Fun and easy-to-try out weekly experiment videos let people find out how to boost their positivity and perform better.

Online workshops - </br> real connections

Online workshops -
real connections

Our monthly interactive online workshops truly connect colleagues, even virtually in times of Corona. At the start, colleagues experience themselves what positive psychology is about. Every month colleagues dive deep into topics like Love uncertainty to learn interactively and experientially.

Positivity Snapshot </br> measures progress

Positivity Snapshot
measures progress

How is your team getting on? The scientifically sound Positivity Snapshot measures how your team's positivity and happiness is developing. We give you tailor-made feedback on what your organisation needs next, in terms of Experiments and whatever else.

Can you show some Example Experiment videos?

Any Experiments for managers and team-leaders?

We also have a Manager Specifics video series that enables leaders to boost the positivity within their team and develop their employees. Scientifically sound, easily applicable. You can find two manager exclusive intros below.

What does Positivity Snapshot measure? 

The scientifically sound Positivity Snapshot measures monthly how your team’s positivity and happiness is developing over time. Open feedback opportunities and tracking the impact of individual experiments enable us to give you tailor-made feedback on what your organisation needs and design new Positive Experiments accordingly.

Why does Positive Experiments work? 

Positive Experiments in a nutshell

  • Positive Experiments introduces you to easy-to-try-out positive practices.
  • Insights from positive psychology, change management, behavioural science, interpersonal neurobiology and design thinking translated into scientifically-sound practical experiments.
  • Only 5 minutes experimenting a day makes a huge difference on your team’s positivity and happiness in 3-6 months. Or scientifically speaking: micro interventions have a huge impact when consistently applied over time.
  • We measure the effect of the experiments on the overall positivity and happiness of your organisation and/or teams.
  • Individually, your team feels more optimistic and creative and develops more resilience in the long-term.
  • Organisationally, Positive Experiments has a long-lasting effects on your organisation in terms of customer loyalty, productivity, absenteeism and profitability.


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