• "It is high time we bridged the gap between science and practice by turning scientific insights into actionable, fun and easy-to-try-out experiments”

    Lisette van de Sandt – Founder Positive Experiments

Lisette van de Sandt on why she started Positive Experiments: “I’ve always been interested in using scientific insights to develop myself and up my team’s performance. Throughout my career I have noticed an enormous lag between new scientific insights and practical application in the business world.
The explanation is two-fold: when I was a general manager, my hectic daily business schedule often left me without time to dive deep into new scientific discoveries that drive personal and team performance. At the same time: when I started attending scientific conferences as an entrepreneur, I noticed there is often limited guidance on how to apply the breakthrough insights. I vividly remember one conference where I got somewhat frustrated since more than half of the researchers I asked, could not give any practical recommendations based on their research”.
Positive Experiments bridges the gap between science and business practice. It provides valuable scientific insights combined with business examples, personal anecdotes and a practical fun experiment for you to try out straight away at the end of the weekly 3-6 minute video.